Kazantrade Ltd. is capable of performing the maintenance service for existing LOOS and new BOSCH systems in and beyond warranty period time.

BOSCH guarantees the registration and long-term spare parts supply of delivered systems.

Kazantrade Ltd. as the hungarian service partner of the manufacturer performs its service in accordance with the following 10 directives.

Service contacts

Kazantrade service

Telephone: +36 1 208 7011


Bosch 24h service hotline

Telephone: +49 (0) 180 5667468


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    Following the cold tests the installed system is being set and commissioned in accordance with the technical specification. Accordingly a comprehensive training session must follow the successful commissioning by the constructor. During this session will the client’s operators be able to get to know thoroughly the system and take over the control.

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    High efficiency, long operational lifetime and reliability are the hallmarks of our systems but problems can always happen. If any unexpected malfunction occurs you can make direct contact to our engineers who will be able to manage the troubleshooting

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    Teleservice is a cost-effective way to get competent remote assistance. With the modem we can access the control units of the local system (BCO,SCO) in order to optimize the parameters, diagnose the system and eliminate the sources of error.

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    Maintenance services

    In our maintenance service our field engineers carry out the regular and systematic inspection and maintenance of the boiler systems and burners two, three or four times a year. The service apply to all the equipment of the boiler house including the control units and feed water supply system as well. With this service the operating conditions of the system will improve, the on-call time will increase, the fuel consumption will be optimized and the malfunctioning that causes shutdown can be prevented. The scope of the service will be adjusted to to the customer needs.

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    24h arrival

    Our field engineers are available all year and due to the advanced service network system can guarantee the fastest reaction time as possible.

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    Official investigations

    With our skillful experts we have the competence to prepare boiler systems to the required official investigations with all proper documentation.

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    Spare parts supply

    BOSCH TT provides thousands of spare parts worldwide, which are delivered from stock directly to customers. You have the ability to offer parts outside opening hours via our hotline.

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    Whether it is improving operational safety, reduce fuel consumption, complying with requirements of law or increasing the level of automation we have the proper retrofitting solutions. If you are interested in how could you improve your system’s capacity, you can ask for a system analysis that can reveal new possibilities.

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    Boiler repairing

    In the event of malfunction or forced shutdown our licenced technicians are ready to repair properly the boiler or if necessary prepare and execute the overhaul. We manage all breakdown professionally, the reparation is combined with analysis of root causes to eliminate future problems.

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    System analysis

    With our general system analysis we can give you customized advice in the following operational factors:

    • improving efficiency
    • reducing emissions
    • improving automation
    • reducing amortisation

With our services you can achieve a cost-effective operation and you can improve your system’s operation safety and make it more environmentally friendly.

If you need a comprehensive analysis of your company’s heating efficiency we are at your disposal.

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