To avoid boiler scale, it is only permissible to operate boiler systems with softened feed water. In the guide- lines on water characteristics, the permitted total hard- ness for different types of boilers and operational modes is limited. Raw water is filtered and generated in the ion exchange process make-up water to soften the water. The hardening components calcium and magne- sium ions are replaced by sodium ions. Fully automatic designs save operation, prevent opera- ting errors, enable continuous operation and ensure increased utilisation of capacity when using the same raw water hardness.



  • Constant softened feed water for preventing calcification of the boiler surfaces
  • Good heat transfer, high efficiency and long service life of the boiler
  • High degree of operational reliability
  • Quality-controlled design allows external hardness monitoring to be dispensed with – e.g. for improved utilization of capacity and without the need for permanent supervision of operation even in the case of varying raw water hardness

Additional properties


On a support structure, all elements of the water softening system are clearly and functionally arran- ged fully assembled. The WTM is suitable for all boiler sizes.

Equipment level

The WTM consists of the water softening system and a salt-softening receptacle. A drainage water connec- tion, sampling device, pressure indicator as well as control fittings, shut-off and filter valves complete the module.

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