• Intuitive boiler control on SPC basis with very high transparency of operating data
  • Effective thermal insulating materials with a high degree of efficiency
  • Automatic start-up, standby and shutdown control SUC
  • Suitable for many burner systems
  • Pollutant reduced combustion thanks to the use of highly developed firing systems and careful matching of the best boiler and burner combination
  • Easy for maintenance – simple to inspect on both the flue gas side as well as the water side
  • Robust, reliable and durable
  • All high pressure boiler systems are certified in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive – applied almost worldwide
  • Simple extension options thanks to integrated module technology
  • Simple commissioning due to pre- parameterised boiler control
  • Easy wiring on site thanks to plug-in connections
Type Heat transfer medium Design Capacity in kg/hour Safety design overpressure in bar Max temperature in oC Fuel
U-ND Low pressure saturated steam Flame tube/smoke tube technology 175 to 3 200 up to 0.5 110 Oil / gas
U-HD High pressure saturated steam Flame tube/smoke tube technology 175 to 1 250 up to 16 204 Oil / gas

Additional details

As a high or low pressure steam boiler

The large volume flame tube and the smoke tube bundle are perfectly matched to each other. The boiler is characterised by a very compact construction. We can offer you the UNIVERSAL steam boiler as well as high pressure or low pressure steam boilers.

Accessories which save energy

For an energy-saving and efficient operating mode the compact boiler can be equipped with an economizer, with continuous feed water control and with many other heat recovery devices. The investment in these energy-saving measures ensures a high degree of efficiency of your boiler system, it saves our environment and reduces your running costs on a sustainable basis.

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