The SCO combines the controls of steam boilers and/or hot water boilers as well as individual module controls into a overall management system and opens up a multitude of new possibili- ties. The communication between the individual boiler controls BCO, other possible controls and the SCO takes place via a powerful bus system. Elaborate wiring work and signal separations are therefore rendered unnecessary. Connection to higher-level visualisation and control systems is possible by means of a Profibus DP interface.

modul sco-dk produkt 3


  • Easy connection to higher-level visualisation and control systems
  • Integrated monitoring and protection functions against faulty operation
  • Extensive storage of operating parameters and operating signals
  • Preparation for Teleservice: The operating parameters and operating signals can be accessed via an optional modem
  • Intuitive operation through the use of graphical symbols and presentation on modern touch- screen displays

Additional properties


Programmable, powerful control with an operator screen as TFT colour display with touch-sensitive surface.

Equipment level

  • Sequence control of multi-boiler systems
  • Integration of water analyses
  • Integration of deaeration systems
  • Integration of condensate systems
  • Integration of foreign matter monitoring systems
  • Integration of oil supply facilities
  • A most diverse range of pressure and temperature controls etc.
  • Return flow temperature maintenance (only hot water)
  • Weather-driven boiler control (only hot water)

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