If no speed-controlled feed pump is available, continuous regulation with the feed water regulation module RM is recommended as an alternative for all boilers fitted with modulating burners and flue gas heat exchangers. The module ensures longer flow-through times of the flue gas heat exchanger and thus optimum heat recovery from the boiler waste gases. At the same time, the minimum quantity required for the feed pump cooling is ensured via the feed water regulation module. The prefabricated module is used at a suitable location in the feed water pressure line. It is switched as inflow control.

modul rm produkt 3


  • Increase in efficiency of the flue gas heat exchanger
  • Reduction of the pump circuits
  • Constant boiler water level
  • Reliable minimum flow rate for cooling the feed pump

Additional properties

​Equipment level

The feed water regulation module for infinitely variablecontrol consists of a feed water control valve, discharge device, dirt retention device and two shut-off valves as well as a bypass device.

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