The oil circulation module prepares liquid fuels and records the throughput. As a ready to connect extrac- tion module per burner for easy installation in ring mains with a supply pressure of 1.5 bar. The two-cham- ber oil feed vessel is designed for light and heavy fuel oil pressure atomizing burners with a spill back atomi- ser system.

modul ocm produkt 3


  • Preassembled ready to be installed for fast assembly Reliable recording of the oil throughput

Additional properties


The oil circulation module is combined into a fully assembled compact unit on a carrier plate and is delivered with a protective cover.

Equipment level

The module includes a two-chamber feed vessel, a filter valve, the oil quantity indicator, a shut-off valve, pres- sure safeguard valve, vent shut-off valve and two drain plugs. For heavy fuel oil operation there is also heating for the filter and vessel.

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