Company Profile

Kazántrade Kft is a purely Hungarian-owned engineering company for system optimization and service maintenance. As evidenced by a professional track record of over 20 years our enterprise has recently witnessed ongoing improvement in the field of supplying industrial boilers as well as relevant energy technology.

Providing our customers with the highest quality of service – this is what we are firmly dedicated to in all stages of the supply projects. Our utmost commitment to grant our contractors state-of-the-art energy technology and premium quality boilers shall also be promoted by means of top brand products from leading manufacturers representing world standards. Hence, by way of professional devotion Kazántrade Kft. is eager to enhance strategic partnership along the whole value chain, thus ascertaining synergy among main contractors, constructors and ESCOs and substantiating common technology supply at system level.

Our team has set a genuine goal. We are aimed at continuously developing our knowledge in the instruments of both project management and professional excellence. In fact, Kazántrade Kft. primarily endorses a highly flexible and efficient customer relationship management so far as engaging in the qualified follow-up of investors’ and partners’ demand. By doing so, we sensitively survey each project, let it be the implementation of a newly launched construction work, upgrading of facility or service maintenance as well as spare parts supply.

We are ulimately aspiring to gain a definite share of the Hungarian market in the specific segment of both steam and hot water boilers as well as heating boilers with unit capacity ranging from 1 MW – 40 MW.


Industrial Target Groups

  • Food and drink industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Distilleries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper making and packaging industry
  • Laundries and cleaning industry
  • Vulcanization in rubber industry
  • Oil industry
  • Energy and gas industry
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Heat providers or central heating
  • Hospitals and medical industry


Builders and suppliers of boiler systems undertake the widest range of design and construction works also implying their legal role as main contractors to the project, thus inducing fierce competition vis-á-vis other designers, project managers and engineering offices on the market.
Kazántrade Kft. is keen to promote designer and project management companies, hence applying for effective cooperation rather than undue competition. We furnish various forms of activities as to provide assistance for these enterprises:

equipment outlines in 2D and 3D
specific calculations
efficiency curves
optimization and consultancy with regards to product and system specifications


Kazántrade Kft. takes no position in competing with construction firms. We are exclusively focused on the supply of energetics equipment at system level. The performance of construction works remains within the confines of the construction firm.
Upon customer request Kazántrade Kft. undertakes such duties as the professional identification of the main equipment level, the related devices for retrofitting or energy efficiency projects in a manner that we leave the relevant part of construction to the adequate partner company.


The end user or operator will be granted a ready-to-use system so far as overlooking the process of design and construction at the same time. As a consequence of continuously being in direct personal touch with our colleagues at Kazántrade the end user might be invited to make good use of our system level experience and know-how. Kazántrade Kft. performs service maintenance and provides spare parts supply exclusively for end users. Our customer service is there for you around the clock every day of the year. We survey your demand by means of 24h readiness.


Industrial boilers and energy technology system supplier with 25 years experience.

The company was founded in 1989 as an industrial boiler dealer and engineering office.
Since 1991 the distributor of the german LOOS industrial boiler manufacturer in Hungary
LOOS becomes a subsidiary of Bosch
Since 2013 the distributor of SCHMID

Company Record

Officially speaking, we boast a history dating back to 1991, when Kazántrade Kft. became exclusive commercial and service distributor of the German manufacturer called LOOS Industrial Boiler Systems within the confines of the Hungarian market.

The success of our enterprise is referenced to 100+ industrial and public projects in Hungary predominantly inclusive of a complete system supply, i.e. coming in line with modular boilerhouse components equipped with integrated control technique, out of which projects more than 90 % are followed-up by a contracted scope of service maintenance.

n 2008, the whole of LOOS INTERNATIONAL alongside its affiliated brands, namely LOOS Deutschland GmbH and LOOS Austria GmbH underwent a conclusive acquisition by the thermotechnology division of BOSCH Group – lately also referred to as BOSCH Thermotechnology. As a matter of consequence, the Gunzenhausen centre of LOOS came to be the manufacturing and development plant of BOSCH Thermotechnology. The world- famous group of companies hereinafter consists of this leading brand in the field of thermotechnology, too. However, at the same time the product family was given another brand name. Therefore, starting from July 2012, former LOOS boilers and modules have been sold under the auspices of the BOSCH brand.

Kazántrade Kft. is now eagerly pursuing such a flourishing cooperation dating back to business with LOOS as long as two decades’ time and keeps on representing the Hungarian LSS business line – see: large specified system – in terms of sales over 500 kW unit capacity both at project and system level. Moreover, BOSCH group is glad to announce the upcoming extension of product lines for energy technology such as micro gas engines and ORC devices.


Zsolt Baranyi

Managing director


Kristóf Baumann

Technical manager


Krisztina Lehoczky

Office manager


Antal Koródi

Project manager


József Schneider

Project manager


Róbert Szirmai

Project manager


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